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The Dzheti-Oguz canyon

The Dzheti-Oguz canyon is located in 30 km West from the city of Karakol on northern slopes of a ridge of Terskei Ala-Too, with the length of more than 40 km. Dzheti-Oguz - is one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. Throughout almost 25 km on both sides of canyon grows Tiash-Shan fur-trees, firstly by picturesque groups, and then by continuous large forests

At heightof 2200 m there is resort with radon-hydrosulphuric hot wells called "Dzheti-Oguz" resort. It has good treatments for rheumatism, gastric, nervous and skin diseases.

Dzheti-Oguz canyon ends in the wide valley of "Kek-Dzhayik" which is grown almost on the top of a crest by fir forests . Above a forest zone (nearby 3000m), in a wide valley with the width about 15 km there is magnificent subalpine and Alpine meadows - in kyrgyz called "zhayloo". In spring and summer months in Dzheti-Oguz canyon present fiesta of flowers: silvery stars of edelweisses, the Alpine camomiles and asters, golden root, etc. From the northern slopes of Karakol and Oguz-Bashy tops the rivers Archa-Tor and Aylynash takes their begging and flow into Dzheti-Oguz river.