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The Karakol canyon

The Karakol canyon is located 9 km to the south from the city of Karakol in the branched out canyon with the same name which deeply runs (40 m) into slopes of a ridge of Terskei Ala-Too and rests against a glacial belt. Slopes of Karakol canyon and Karakol river are covered by thickets of sea-buckthorn berries, a barberry, a dogrose with emerald greens of steppe meadows on background. Further travel will pass in a kingdom of Tian-Shan fur-trees. Above a fir forest belt in Karakol canyon you can meet juniper and fir groves, and then subalpine and Alpine meadows.

In May, in Karakol canyon snowdrops, primroses, the Alpine asters, edelweisses, tulips, an anemone white, the dogrose, sea-buckthorn berries are blossoms, which transform slopes into blossoming park. Climbing up on canyon, it is possible to pass in some hours from steppe foothills in mountain woods, light forests, to subalpine and Alpine meadows and even in a kingdom of eternal snow with the bared rocks and glaciers.

A variety of flora in canyon defines numerous forms of fauna. From the largest and interesting animals in canyon are found: goats, roes, lynxes, wild boars, snow leopards, wolves, bears. Eagles, golden eagles, griffins and other birds of prey are nest in high mountains.

In the topof Karakol canyon is located alpinism base. In this zone there are many set of mountains which are goes over a snow line: the Dzhigit (5130m), Karakol (5281m), Przhevalsk (4283m), Zhukov (4450m), Telmana (4460m), Dimitrova (4450m), Fuchika .
On the right slope of Kashka-Suu tributary where the mountain-skiing base is located, everyone can have a rest, as this base is widely used winter tourism and winter sports. There is also a highway which goes direct to the base.

By the lefttributary of the Karakol river and Karakol canyon there is low passes and it is possible to make fascinating travel through to upper reaches of picturesque canyon Yrdyk, to visit the foot of Ysyk-Kul mountain and the Vostok (3500m), at seven glacial lakes. The right side of canyon is formed by peaks of Przhevalskiy (4283m), "40 years of irghizia" (4300m), etc. Through pass Ala-Kol it is possible to get to an middle part of woody canyon Arashan, to visit two-headed top of Issyk-Kul combs, where it is possible to admire surrounding mountains and a majestic panorama of lake Issyk Kul.

There you could see a complex of cascades of falls, glacial lake It is Ala-Kol, which is located at height 3532m and glacier tops of canyon On-Tor.